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Ngurrara Ranger on board

Peter Murray

Ranahl Yungabun, skin name Jakarra, is a young Ngurrara Ranger of the Great Sandy Desert. He's been working for over two years as a ranger, since the age of nineteen.

He speaks the Walmajarri language and has connection to the Wankatjunka/Walmajarri clan, southeast of Fitzroy Crossing, and lives in Djugerari Community.

Going out on country, seeing different places and meeting other people, is what Ranahl loves about being a Ngurrara Ranger. He has achieved many things as a ranger in fencing, quad bike training, water testing on country and also weed training at Broome TAFE. He's also learnt of the two ways of living; in a science-based western world and a traditional knowledge world.

The message he would like to send out to his generation is, “Come along on trips with the Ngurrara rangers and if you are interested in what we do for and on our country, then join the team.”

He would love to share some of his favourite bush tucker such as the bush turkey, kangaroo, emu and the black-headed python, and also show you how and where to hunt good tucker in and around his country.