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You would be hard pressed to find a bunch of people who love their jobs as much as our Ngurrara Rangers. Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation currently employs and manages a team of 12 rangers, as well as a Women's Ranger Coordinator, Men's Ranger Coordinator and a Ngurrara Country Manager. 

Our rangers implement a blend of both Western and traditional conservation and land management techniques to maintain the health of Ngurrara country. This includes the effective management of the Warlu Jilajaa Jumu Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Their work includes fire management, feral camel and pig management and maintenance of significant cultural sites.

They also offer fee-for-service work in the following areas: rehabilitation of country, tourism, plant and animal surveys, feral animal control and contracting (see our contracting and tourism pages for more information).

In the last 12 months, our women rangers have developed the Walmajarri Plant, Food and Medicine book, participated in several back to country trips, established a nursery at Djugerari Community and ran educational programs in schools for our young people. Similarly, our male rangers have been engaged with regular cultural activities, a ranger exchange to Maningrida (NT) and specialised firearms and heritage training. All rangers are involved with ongoing professional development and certified training in partnership with Kimberley Training Institute. 

If you are interested in hiring our rangers or finding out more, please contact us by emailing: 


Earlier this year, we were hosted by the Kiwirrkarra rangers as part of the Ninu Festival. 'Ninu' is a word for bilby, and this festival was all about ways to monitor bilbies in the desert, and ways to protect them. The bottom left picture, will take you to a short trailer featuring Ngurrara Head Women's Ranger Chantelle Murray. The bottom right picture will give you an overview of the whole project. We hope you enjoy!