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Shell 2-way learning

Ngurrara is currently working with Shell on a two-way learning project to measure water quality and quantity in the Canning Basin. The project pairs traditional knowledge about water (through tracing the living water in paintings and gathering stories from Ngurrara elders) with Western scientific knowledge.

It's a project that both Ngurrara Rangers and Ngurrara Traditional Owners are undertaking and it has significant benefits. Foremost, it is providing Yanunijarra with a wealth of baseline data about the connection of jumu and jillas (waterholes) with our groundwater and about how water moves. This means we are well-placed to understand, measure and control any possible impacts of new developments or mining on Ngurrara country. 

Through the project, Rangers and Traditional Owners have also been presenting to and engaging students at Yakanarra Community School, Djugerari Remote Community School and Fitzroy Valley District High School. Already, there has been an improvement in school retention, students are learning traditional knowledge and they're exposed to possible employment and training outcomes post year 12. 

Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation are excited about this project and the potential for further family, community and school support.